TAKE IT ON: Riders ‘step up’

A GROUP of active BMX riders have bandedtogether to ignite attention to council thatthe Bordertown BMX track and Skate Parkare not meeting expected standards.

This follows Tatiara District Council commentsthat the BMX track adjacent the Skate Park inMemorial Park ‘looks untidy and can be betterused by the Skate and BMX enthusiasts’.

As a result of this Arts & CommunityDevelopment Officer Naomi Fallon set up ameeting last Monday (July 9) with Youth ActionCommittee Chair Michael Hutchinson and fiveriders including Brett Thommers (Serviceton),Jay Pilgrim, Brock Ferguson, Billy Mowat andCody Churchill to discuss the matter.

The group congregated todevelop a ‘wish list’ of ideaswith potential of presentingthem to councillors at afuture public forum.

This action by the variousgroups is developed to benefit local youth, Naomi said“the meeting was arrangedto engage a new generationof the regions youth to takeownership of the space theyuse and to help maintain it.”

Currently the group of riders aretaking the tracks maintenance intotheir own hands, cleaning the soil ofrocks, digging new jump lips, burmsand compressing soil so that the jumpsstay intact.

Serviceton rider Brett is one of theoriginal activists for the parks maintenancewho brings a trailer down with agenerator for night riding.

He uses lighting, a generator andbrings several watering cans as analternative to a fully functioning watersystem which is necessary to maintainthe quality of the jumps.

“I’ve spent a ridiculous amount ofmoney on lights and extension leads, itdoesn’t bother me doing it, but it wouldbe a lot easier if it (the park) had lightson a timer and you could just push abutton, it’s also less noisy.

Brett added to this extending thegroup’s efforts to cleaning and maintainingthe track.

“It still is (used), we are planning oncleaning everything up, we’ve alreadystarted moving all the rocks around, it’sjust that this weather is bad, we haven’thad a chance to do a proper job, becauseas soon as we get one day of sunshine,then next it’s raining.”

Although working tirelessly on thetrack, their actions in maintenanceare typically rendered useless asmaintenance usually involves diggingnew runways, which are then filled withwater during the winter.

The main interest from the groupis having a source of water installed,equipment for maintenance, waterdrainage area, lighting for night ridingor a power outlet to run their ownlighting source.

Brett said: “(The) Skate Park isamazing, there’s not really an issue,and it’s just the fact that we don’t haveany tools to work on them (dirt jumps)or maintain them.

“I’m not saying they (council) aren’tdoing their job or anything, but I do stillgo down to the skate park and I knowit’s partially our responsibility to keepthe place clean, they (council) don’t evenclean up there.”

“I guess it’s up to everybody to pulltheir own weight and do what they’vegot to do.”

Naomi said that if these plans areto go ahead, suitable action must betaken, “We received some great feedbackfrom the group, and feel confidentthat together we can work to a solutionthat is ideal for Council, community andthe users of the park.”

“There is a refreshing enthusiasmfrom this group, and look forward toworking to help create an enjoyable,safe space for everyone that uses thepark,” she said.

ABOVE: An aerial view of the Memorial Park Skate and BMX Park.

ABOVE: An aerial view of the Memorial Park Skate and BMX Park.

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