Meetings didn’t ease any fracking concerns

I am contacting you to provide some detail andbackground about the recent meetings at Dongara, Eneabba and Gingin toease fracking concerns

I am the WA chair of Doctors for theEnvironment Australia -www.dea苏州美甲培训学校.au-and I was originally invited to present at these meetings by the National Partyon the “potential health effects” relating to this industry and was aconfirmed speaker.

However,my invitation was withdrawn one week prior to the meetings on the instructionof Minister Moore who advised that the members of the DMP and Industry wouldnot speak.

Iunderstand the Conservation Council had a similar experience.

However,I did attend the meetings.

Thespeakers were all pro-industry reps, DMP and GISERA, and none acknowledged the very real concernsthat have emerged from experience with this industry overseas – USA, and are now being appropriately voiced here.

AlthoughI would point out that Grant Woodams who was chairing the meetings did supporta moratorium.

Thesolution to “community anxiety” that was proposed by the speakers,was that the reason for community concern was purely related to a lack ofinformation and misinformation and that industry and government could providereassuring information and therefore allay these baseless fears.

Itis both arrogant and false.

Theconcerns of shale gas drilling and fracking have prompted the US EPA to do avery large survey and investigation over six states to assess the degree ofwater contamination and potential health impacts, which will be released in2014, with some preliminary results later this year.

Therehave been many cases of suspected contamination and leakage in the US.

Similarlyimpacts on air quality with confirmed elevations of toxic pollutants has beenconfirmed in a number of sites in the US.

Ican provide published references and details on request.

Theprimary reason that unlimited reassurance is not appropriate is that we simplydo not know the potential or extent of water contamination at this point.

Manyof the chemicals in use are not disclosed and none have been assessed forsafety in the context of fracking by NICNAS,the government regulator.

WhenI pointed this out at the Dongara meeting an Industry rep in the audienceshouted me down and essentially called me a liar.

Thesemeetings were not impartial and they were stacked.

Inour opinion this is a travesty as the public is being willfully mislead aboutthe potential health and environmental risks.

Asa medical organisation with an interest in public health we think that there isan urgent need for an open and informed discussion about risks and benefits,and that the public have a right to know all the information before making adecision to support or oppose this industry.

We would be pleased to discussfurther or provide a more detailed review of the health information as itapplies to unconventional gas exploration and extraction if you wish.

George Crisp

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