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FISHING guru Rob Paxevanos is one person whoappreciates the value of recreational angling as a tourism attraction to inlandNSW, particularly the south eastern area and the ACT.

The value of coastal recreational fishing haslong been recognised and much has been done to preserve fish numbers sooccasional anglers have a reasonable chance of catching a fish and enjoyingthis relaxing and traditional pastime.

With good rainfall over the past couple yearsand inland rivers finally flowing, trout stocks have increased and some of thebest fishing conditions for many years appear to be ahead.

“Trout are stocked into inland rivers, damsand lakes of our region for the enjoyment of locals and to attract tourists,and there are plenty of fish go around at the moment,” Mr Paxevanos said.

“Inland fishing is going through a boom phasefor several reasons including the fact that there is more water for trout tothrive in, and they grow particularly fast.

“Fish stocks released into our rivers withthe assistance of local acclimatisation societies and anglers groups when thedrought first broke are now big, very big in some instances.

There have been catches well above the magic10 pound mark.

“Anglers who are visiting to enjoy thisfishing often bring their friends and families, resulting in yet further spendswith local businesses.

“Most importantly, trout, especially rainbowtrout, are stocked in vast numbers as a put and take fish.

“NSW Fisheries encourages you to keep a troutfor the table or get a couple smoked up so you can savour the memories of youradventure when you get back home.” However you actually have to know how tocatch the trout.

Visitors who miss out are far less likely tocome back and try their luck again.

Tourism bodies in the region realised thisand called on Mr Paxevanos to help people enjoy the inland fishing experienceby increasing their odds of reeling in a trout.

“I feel I’m in a particularly good positionto teach people how to catch trout,” he said.

“You see, before getting the gig of hosting‘Fishing Australia’I was lucky enough to be working as a fishing guide around the region and troutwere one of my specialties.

“I guided various people from families andnewcomers, to seasoned anglers and celebrity visitors.

“I still work closely with and recommend manyof the fine guides we have in this region.

“However, not everyone can afford to use aguide, so the plan was to produce an easy to follow manual on how to catchtrout.

“We decided that an instructional DVD was thebest way to do this.

So ‘Fishing with Rob Paxevanos, DVD 3-Catching Trout’ was born, and it took 12 months to complete.

Putting all the information together in a waythat is easy to learn yet works all year round in all the region’s trout watersand impoundments, was harder.

The DVD is available now just in time forFather’s Day and ahead of the start of the trout season opening on September29.

For those people anxious to try out what theylearn before then, there are plenty of impounded waters where you can test yournew knowledge.

“I’m confident that anyone, even people whohave never cast a line before, can use this DVD and catch a good trout on theirvery first visit to the region,” Mr Paxevanos said.

“It will work in all our lakes and dams suchas Eucumbene, Jindabyne, Tantagara, Pejar, Burrinjuck and Blowering, just toname a few.

“I believe experienced anglers are in for atreat too. I specifically covered some new localised techniques that I havedeveloped myself but haven’t had time on the television to illustrate properly.

“These techniques may be a bit controversialand hard to fathom at first, but they will change the way anglers approachtrout fishing.” This production was subsidised by the generous help of SnowyMountains Tourism, Snowy Hydro and a number of other regional and nationalsponsors. This has brought the DVD price down to half of what it would normallycost customers.

‘Catching Trout with Rob Paxevanos’ isavailable exclusively on line at www.robpax苏州美甲培训学校

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