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FORMER Moree resident Dylan Cooper has been going from success to success since winning Project Runway last year.
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On Friday I had the chance to catch up with him as he and Mia Freedman helped shoe brand ECCO to break the record for the world’s longest catwalk.

The longest catwalk fashion parade was held in Darling Harbour, Sydney, and I was very excited to attend.

Author and former Cosmopolitan editor Mia Freedman is one of my favourite writers, and I am a big fan of Dylan Cooper’s work. This was my chance to rub shoulders with both of them!

When I arrived at Darling Harbour (after navigating the maze that is Sydney trains!) I and the other journalists were given front row seats, complete with gift bags. I basically felt like a movie star.

Shoe brand ECCO had gathered more than 30 inspirational women – bloggers, fashion designers, company owners, and the winners of their Facebook model for a day competition – to walk the 2.812km catwalk.

The previous record was 2.69km. As ambassador for the brand, Dylan walked the catwalk with the other models.

Before the show Dylan said he was excited to be part of breaking the world record for the longest catwalk. He became involved with ECCO to promote their range of men’s footwear.

This was just one of the many fashion ventures Dylan has become involved in since Project Runway.

He is also writing for fashion website stylehunter南京夜网, following the latest trends and reviewing the spring/summer fashion lines.

Dylan has also been working on his new spring/summer collection, and working on some collaborations with other brands.

“I’ve been following my signature style with tailoring and a combination of sheer fabrics and structure, but I’m also getting involved with the creative process and seeing where it ends up,” he said.

While the models were walking the catwalk Mia entertained the crowd by interviewing the people in the front row.

Being such a big fan of hers, I was trying my best to avoid being interviewed in case I said something silly. Sure enough, the second person she decided to interview was me.

“What brings you here, are you looking for some shoes that will be a bit easier to walk in?” she joked, looking at my wedges.

“Yes,” I replied – laughing and too nervous to say anything else. Be cool Emily, be cool.

Realising I was not great with a microphone she thankfully decided to move on to someone else.

So my first brush with my writing hero was not exactly great.

As the models arrived back a representative from World Records declared the world record attempt a success.

After Dylan arrived back I had a chance to chat with him about the show. “It was really exciting; I really enjoyed it. The weather was great and it was great to see so many people come out to support the brand,” he said.

“ECCO make great shoes and it is great to see such a wonderful brand with so much passion for what they do.”

I asked him how he felt about the support from back home.

“I haven’t had a chance to go home yet. I was due to go home at Christmas but I ended up having to go overseas – I might be home at the end of this year,” he said.

“The support from home has been great through Facebook, Twitter and on email. So many people from Moree have reached out to me, even people who I may not have known, and said they support me and they’ve been following my career. That is so lovely to hear.”

And that concluded my Sydney fashion experience – it was such a great chance to dress up and meet people in the fashion industry.

And I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for Dylan’s new line.

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