Residents ‘living in fear’

IT is 2.30am, you are fast asleep when a sound wakes you – SMASH!
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You jump out of bed and go to the window, only to see two figures jump the side fence and run off into the night. You check outside where you think the sound came from.

Your friend is visiting from Sydney and the windows of both her car and yours have been smashed to pieces.

This is what Moree resident Anela Carroll experienced just two months ago.

She lives in a house in Anne Street, and has been broken into five times in just two years.

Last Tuesday, Anela, who works at the women’s refuge centre, left for work at 8am. When she returned for lunch at 1pm, her back doors had been broken and her TV and laptop stolen.

Now, she has had enough.

Anela has put up a sign out the front of her house, addressing the criminals.

It reads; “To you who steal, destroy, break houses; who have no respect for people or property – shame on you. This house has no money, iphone, ipod or laptop. You stole my car, bike and TV. Don’t waste your time or my money. Enough. Give the community a break.”

Since putting up the sign Anela has found legions of support from neighbours and even complete strangers.

“It’s amazing how many people have stopped and beeped their horn and said ‘It’s happened to me too’ – and most of them I don’t know,” she said.

Anela says she is not scared of the criminals, but she has felt the financial drain of having things constantly stolen.

“I’ve made three claims on insurance in two years – so now they want to come to my house and check my security. I’ve gotten to the point where I take my valuables to work to stop them being stolen.

“I’ve lived in Moree for 12 years, and I work in the women’s refuge and for the rehab here. I know and understand the issues in Moree but there is no excuse for stealing like this.”

Anela said people have told her the break-ins are just part of life living in Anne Street – but she disagreed.

“It can happen anywhere – and why should I have to move? People are living

in fear.”

So far Anela lists her car, motorbike, TV, iphone and laptop among the stolen items. She has twice had her car windows smashed in the middle of the night.

Now, her message is to those who steal.

“You steal from other people but you still have nothing. How would you like it if this happened to your family? How would you like your children to be looking over their shoulders? How would you like to have things you had worked hard to buy, stolen?

“If these people have the energy to break in to people’s houses, steal cars and then blow them up, well why don’t they put that energy into having a job? They are obviously good at working in teams, and strong enough to break things; they’d make great shift workers.

“These people should put that energy into saving up and buying their own things – and being proud of them.”

Anela hopes her sign will hit home with some of the criminals it is addressing, and give the community a break from the thieves.

“Everyday I walk into my home and wonder what has been stolen,” she said.

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