Over 50s go Broadway

FOR one show only, theBordertown Over 50’s Clubperformed the successfulmatinee Broadway style musical“In a Persian Market” to arousing crowd.
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Attendee numbers for the July27 show sky-rocketed, welcomingguests from Kaniva and Lawloitbringing numbers to 73.

Guests were immediatelyentranced in the show with amanikin dressed in Persian attireto greet attendees in the foyer.

The stage was alive with vibrantornaments, scarves, brass vases,paper cut-out camel all organisedby creative members Beryl Hingeand Judy Hicks.

Once a few moments were sharedwithin the club for passed members- Olive Truelove, Don Huntand birthday wishes to Ailsa King- Ms Hinge set the performancescene.

Introducing each character,Ms Hinge gave way to actors andactresses dressed in turbans,scarves and jewellery.

The grand opening saw Berylplay for the choir of 22 singing “TheRivers of Babylon” and “Shifting,Whispering Sands”.

Guest artist Bob Daniels addeda male’s touch to songs by vocalising“The Desert Song” and “In aPersian Market”.

A real crowd pleaser was theOver 50’s club character Ed Davis,known during the performance asthe Sheik, who was surroundedby three Harem girls (Judy Hicks,Marcia Carson and Jan McLellan).

Each woman was dressed inglamorous pastel colours and headadornments to entertain theirSheik while singing “The Gypsy”.

This brought untamed interestand laughter for the crowd whena mysterious “women” entered theroom competing for the Sheik’sattention.

Departing with “her” garments,the mystery women shocked theaudience by revealing to the crowdthat it was actually club presidentKeith Lee.

The crowd kept their laughtergoing with the song “The Court ofThe King of Caracas’s” with theHarem girls participating whileMax Duell entered powdering nosesas they danced.

The witch, Bessie Duell thentried to put the stitches in thebritches of Max.

The final segment gave the crowdtime to relax from laughter withthe Over 50’s choir singing “Shallwe Gather”.

HILARIOUS: Marcia Carson, The sheik Ed Davis and Judy Hicks performing their characters.

PERFORMANCE: Fortune teller Joan Exton and camel driver Ian Staude on stage.

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