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MUSIC program Melomania is turning4-years-old and although its motto isabout having fun, its persistence andmaturity have led to great success.
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With its humble beginning at Bordertownradio station 5TCB, Melomania now boastsa listening potential of over 500,000.

Music/Program Director Sardia “Scad”Kakoschke puts much of its success down toholding a mix of mainstream and independentmusic, while having fun too.

Although Scad believes the music industryis all about the money she says thatMelomania is not around for that reason,standing proud as a not-for-profi t program.

“Don’t get me wrong eventually we wouldlike to get a sponsor on board that has thesame dream as we do.”

That dream as Scad said is about supportingthe artists, currently receiving supportfrom labels and promoters assisting withgiveaways and interviews.

Although the program has achieved somuch while maintaining a fun and youthfulexistence, it has also achieved a lot, maturingas a program.

The programs interviews have taken adifferent direction in comparison to commercialradio, having formed its own styleof questions.

She said “Rather than the standard who,what, when, how we ask what’s in theirfridge, things like that, but we have alsobroadened our horizons with artists andbands as far as genres.

“We’ve even had guests that are non-musolike Melissa Bergland from “Winners &Losers”.

Co-host Mandy Barr says the one thingshe loves about working alongside Scad isthat it started out all about fun and nothingmuch has changed.

“It’s turning four, this is probably aboutthe same way we act on the show, it’s beenan absolute hoot so far and its gone along alot further than we thought it would have.”

Mandy puts much of the program’s successdown to Scads pride in the show, “she doeseverything on it, the rest of us rock up and takethe opposite chair, she does all the hard work.

One of the most incredible achievementsfor the show is through Scads persistentnature which has helped the program obtainsome exclusive interviews from well-knownnames in the music industry.

Some of these names include countrymusic sensations The McClymonts, VanessaAmorosi, Dianna Corcoran, Foo Fighters,Jack Ingram, Suzi Quatro, and even recognitionthrough shout-outs from Americancountry music band Lady Antebellum andpunk rockers Yellowcard.

Watch out for the birthday “Tribute Show”which will be broadcast on 5TCB on August25, with reflections from the first showin 2008 and birthday wishers from somedistinguished bands.

INITIATOR: Sardia “Scad” Kakoschke showing the colours of Melomania.

NETWORKING: Mollie, Brooke and Sam McClymont with Sardia “Scad” Kakoschke.

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