Extra rail a solution for southern Sydney

It is time: Brian Shaw says immediate strong action is needed to solve traffic problems. Picture: Nicole Macdonald HURSTVILLE Residents Association president Brian Shaw is urging Sutherland Shire and St George councils to unite behind the Hurstville-to-Strathfield railway line concept, and to lobby the state government for an immediate decision.
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The line would connect southern Sydney to the western and northern lines, solve many local traffic problems and substantially cut down on travel time for people who work out west.

Mr Shaw, a veteran of many transport-solving meetings, said nothing would happen without strong community pressure.

He was on the consultation team with Hurstville, Kogarah and Rockdale Councils in the 2000-01 future directions and regional transport strategy discussions.

“The three councils proposed all sorts of interesting options to solve the traffic problems of St George,” Mr Shaw said.

“Then we went to Parliament, but Carl Scully [former Labor transport minister] said there was no money.”

Mr Shaw said that some of those proposals needed to be resurrected, with both long and short-term solutions included in the planning.

“With King Georges Road a car park most mornings there has to be a better alternative,” he said.

“My guess is most people travelling west are from the shire, and going to jobs in the west then returning in the afternoon.”

Mr Shaw’s preferred option is a Y junction allowing trains to travel to Kingsgrove via a tunnel from both Hurstville and Penshurst.

Then Campsie, Burwood, Strathfield (allowing for transfer to north and west trains) and Homebush.

“The aim is to get from Hurstville to Parramatta in half-an-hour,” Mr Shaw said.

At present he said the train journey took one hour and five minutes and involved three line changes. A bus could take up to two hours.

His short-term solution involves a direct Metrobus service at 10 minute intervals during peaks.

The buses would cover the shire and stop at Blakehurst, South Hurstville, Hurstville, Beverly Hills, Roselands, Wiley Park, and then population points west to Strathfield or Homebush.

“It is assumed this would take many cars off the road system.”

Would the Hurstville to Strathfield railway line be a good thing for southern Sydney

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