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BORDERTOWN BusinessAssociation (BBA) keepstaking positive steps towardsincreasing tourism and businesslocally – recently lookinginto ‘increasing profits’.
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At its last meeting on July 23,Koonara Wines of Coonawarraowner Dru Reschke presentedideas, strategies and marketingtactics for businesses to gain abetter economic future in theTatiara.

Mr Reschke encouraged businessowners to step out of their comfortzones and take full advantage ofthe assets their towns have.

Many ideas held an emphasis onInternet presence with the idea ofincreasing tourism levels and localsales for the future.

Strategies for building customersbases looked at attracting peopleon a state-wide, national andinternational level, with Victoriansbeing closely looked at due toproximity.

Although the Internet, emailsand social media have held a strongexistence for numerous years now,local businesses still seem to notgrasp its full capability in customerrelations.

Mr Reschke explained that theInternet is a powerful tool for connectingbusinesses to establishedand potential customers.

Mr Reschke placed an emphasison businesses starting their ownwebsite, mailing lists and theimportance of running competitionswith a focus on – Return OnInvestment (ROI).

Emails held the forefront for ROIas they work as a powerful conduit,connecting businesses with customersonce emails are obtained.

Businesses can then promoteevents and ideas to their targetmarkets.

“Look at your ROI in all marketingthat you do, this is somethingin my business I’m very hot on, youcan market and you can analyseon what return it gives you,” MrReschke said.

Koonara Wines has 8000 customerson its data base, which wereproduced by obtaining touristsemails at the cellar door.

“We get them interested about it,we have recipes, wine tips, whenthey buy a case of wine they go onthe list,” he said.

Mr Reschke said this all relatesto ROI, and says in order to takeadvantage of possessing theseemails businesses should developspecials such as 50 per cent off.

“It sometimes won’t cost youmuch as long as you can take thetime out.

“Donate a weekend for accommodationor even 50 per cent off,you still aren’t losing money, youmay not make any profi t, but youare getting people here.”

Mr Reschke used a powerfulexample of success speaking of ameat company that ran a competitionto win a barbecue worth $800.

This competition which gainedthe company new emails resultedin their list growing from 8000emails to 15,000.

Handy hints:- Bordertown should focus onkangaroos as an asset, even lookinto obtaining Koala’s that peoplecan hold in front of a Bordertownsign.

– Keep businesses looking at thebig picture and keep BBA meetingspositive, there are no right orwrong answers just a process ofmoving through ideas to get thebest one.

– Come up with new ideas butcome up with ways of how to do it.

– Don’t hold grudges, move on.

– True leaders are not ego driven,they are humble and they listen.

– Being open to new ideasimproves brain functions andproblem solving.

– When you have a thought (bepositive or negative) it fires offcertain pathways in your brain,if you continue to think the samepathway it becomes stronger.

– Websites can gain high hits onGoogle, Koonara are still getting alot of good hits and it’s not costingus a cent.

– Bums on seats are just soimportant.

TAKING THE RIGHT STEPS: Bordertown Business Association (BBA) President John Burgess, owner of Koonara Wines Dru Reschke and BBA member Jo Edwards make movement in the right direction for the Tatiara’s future.

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