Teachers oppose new funding and staffing scheme

Long-term value: Sutherland shire teacher Frankie Tatar said the government’s education reform was unclear and unfair. Picture: Chris LaneFRANKIE Tatar fears the NSW government’s new school funding and staffing scheme will do little to improve children’s education outcomes.
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The Kareela Public School teacher has more than 30 years experience in education and said the scheme would actually worsen students’ outcomes.

Ms Tatar, who is also vice-president of the Sutherland Teachers Association, said parents should be concerned about the so-called ‘‘Local Schools, Local Decision’’ plan.

The government wants to link teachers’ pays to professional standards, give principals more power to decide how schools are resourced as well as reduce bureaucratic red tape and administrative burdens on staff.

But the federation said the scheme was a cost-cutting venture that left teachers in the dark.

‘‘There’s been no consultation, we’ve been told nothing, so it was a shock,’’ Ms Tatar said.

‘‘The awards system is being dismantled, salary structures gone, performance management agreements overturned.

“If teachers aren’t well paid they won’t enter or stay in the profession and experienced teachers will be let go because they cost too much.’’

NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli said the federation was fully briefed on proposals. He said school and pay budgets would not be cut and teachers would not be sacked

Another shire teacher agreed the plan was flawed.

‘‘In the past we could argue for wage increases and they would look at how much value your work added, but with changes to legislation we don’t have this opportunity,’’ she said.

‘‘And now with bigger workloads, we are training ourselves for the technology and curriculum expansion.’’

She said the scheme did not adequately consider the teaching of special needs’ students.

‘‘We are concerned about our working conditions, but the major issue is how it will affect kids — there’s no level playing field,’’ she said.

‘‘I have an ADHD student who is not medicated and if my performance is graded on his progress, it can’t be accurately measured. That’s the same with an under-resourced school, or if some students miss a NAPLAN test.

‘‘I worry about young teachers who are bending over backwards trying to get themselves a job, yet they feel insecure about the future.’’

What do you think about the scheme?

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