Sharks trim back plan – 100 units cut from development

Before and after: The view as originally proposed from Captain Cook Drive and below, after.CRONULLA Sharks has cut the height of several apartment blocks in its proposed development, lopping six storeys off one of the tallest buildings.
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Residential floor space has been cut by 15 percent, leading to a reduction in the number of units from 700 to about 600.

There was also a major reconfiguration of the layout of the retail centre, club and parking.

Proposed modifications to the original plan are contained in the response by the club and its development partner to concerns raised during the exhibition period. They will be considered by the Independent Planning and Assessment Commission before a decision is made about the middle of the year.

The response said 4813 submissions were made by the general public, with nine from public agencies. Of those made by the public, 65 percent were supportive while 44 percent were against. A key concerns was visual impact and claims the project was ‘‘out of character’’ with its surrounds.

The document said that in response to these concerns, major changes were proposed to the residential component, including reducing a 15-storey building facing Captain Cook Drive to nine storeys.

A nine-storey building would be reduced by six storeys, while two other blocks would be trimmed by one or two storeys.

Another building would increase from 10 to 14 storeys while two would remain unchanged at eight and nine storeys.

The revised plan meant seven apartment buildings would be eight storeys or greater while three would be 10 storeys or more.

‘‘These buildings are concentrated within the heart of the centre and will not result in any impacts on the privacy or solar amenity of nearby residential properties,’’ the document said.

It compared the site with Cronulla town centre, where 11 buildings were eight storeys or greater and five were 12 storeys or more.

‘‘Many of these buildings sit in prominent or elevated positions within the landscape and are in much closer proximity to other residential dwellings,’’ it said.

The submission said the creation of a new town centre, with an integrated mix of in-demand residential, retail, leisure, medical, recreational and entertainment uses, met the rationale of the state government’s Sydney Metropolitan Plan 2036 and sub-regional strategy.

‘‘The Sharks site is unique as a large amalgamated private land holding within the region, which can achieve sustainable residential densities without adversely impacting on surrounding land uses and can be suitably serviced by public transport,’’ it said.

Comment on the amended plans will be published in Thursday’s Leader.

The document can be viewed at under major projects.


– Some apartment blocks cut by between one and six storeys

– Residential floor space reduced by 15 per cent — a loss of 100 units

– Amended layout of some residential building footprints

– Reconfiguration of layout for retail, club, and parking

– Resultant amendments to total floor area to be developed

– Revised layout of structures within foreshore park and riparian setback.

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