Hawi given 21 years for murder

‘‘No punishment is enough’’: Frederica Bromwich, the mother of Anthony Zervas, outside court on Tuesday. She is struggling to deal with the murder of her son, Anthony Zervas, in the airport braw. Picture: Jacky Ghossein
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Former national president of the Comanchero Motorcycle Club, Mahmoud ‘‘Mick’’ Hawi, 31, was sentenced today to a minimum 21 years for the brutal murder of an outlaw motorcycle gang rival at Sydney Airport in 2009.

He was also sentenced to three years and six months for affray and will be eligible for release on November 15, 2030.

Still a member of the Comanchero gang, but having since stepped down as its national president, Hawi was found guilty on November 2 last year of murdering Anthony Zervas, 29, a Hells Angels motorcycle club associate in a violent brawl on March 22, 2009.

Mr Zervas was bludgeoned with a 12-13 kilogram bollard and stabbed in the chest and abdomen during the airport brawl.

Hawi was the only one of six Comancheros convicted of the murder.

In sentencing Hawi, Justice Robert Hulme in the Supreme Court said today Hawi had no history of drug and alcohol abuse and with the continued support of his mother, wife and two sons, had good prospects of rehabilitation and was unlikely to re-offend upon release.

Frederika Bromwich, mother of victim Anthony Zervas, sobbed as the sentence was handed down and said outside the court that she had “lost her son”.

“I just pray that he gets the punishment he deserves. My son didn’t deserve to die, not that way,” Ms Bromwich said.

Justice Hulme said that although the brawl was ‘‘not something that was planned,’’ it was clear the Comancheros were the ‘‘aggressors’’ in the attack.

He said witnesses were left ‘‘shocked, horrified and scared’’ in a place where they were ‘‘entitled to expect safety and security’’.

Hawi demonstrated ‘‘vitriolic anger’’ in what was a ‘‘shocking and vicious’’ attack.

Justice Hulme said Hawi showed ‘‘flagrant disregard for the law and witnesses whose memories would live long’’ over an incident that took less than a minute.

The brawl erupted after Hawi and Hells Angels Motorcycle Club head, Derek Wainohu, boarded the same flight in Melbourne, heading to Sydney.

Others Comanchero verdicts: Christian Menzies, 29, was found not guilty of murder but guilty of affray. However, Menzies will be subject to a retrial later this year on manslaughter charges.

Similarly, Farres Abounader, 30, was found not guilty of murder but will face re-trial after the jury was unable to reach a verdict on manslaughter.

Two Comanchero bikie associates involved in the brawl were sentenced separately in January this year to three years’ jail for rioting but were found not guilty of murder and manslaughter.

Ishmail Eken, 29, will be eligible for parole on April 18, and Usama Potrus, 29, will be eligible on July 13.

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