Friends turn fighters

Seconds out: Jess Mukevski (left) and Kristie Hatch will put friendship aside when they step in the ring on Friday night. Picture: Jane DysonKRISTIE Hatch and Jess Mukevski are hoping to maintain their good looks — in spite of their sport.
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This ‘‘Black’’ Friday, April 13, the pair make their on-stage debut in the boxing ring at Sharkies Leagues Club.

They will fight each other.

While more and more women are using boxing exercises as a regular training routine, the next step — competitive women’s boxing — has never really caught on in this country despite the added protection afforded by head-gear and heavier gloves.

However, these Sutherland Shire women can’t wait until Friday night, having undergone 10 weeks of intensive boxing in the ring and training out of it with Ryan Waters’ Fight Club training group.

The pair became ‘‘addicted’’ to their new sport by accident, while first supporting a male boxer last year.

‘‘Jess and I became good friends through that, and so we joined a few other girls in training,’’ Hatch said.

‘‘I’ve become a lot more confident in the ring, now, and really enjoy the boxing. But little did I know that my first bout in front of a crowd would be against Jess. I’m just going to have to forget that we’re friends, once we’re in the ring.’’

Mukevski began boxing to improve her fitness. ‘‘I said ‘no way’ when I was asked if I’d take it up as a sport,’’ she said. ‘‘Two other girls dropped out, but now I’m really happy I’ve stayed in the sport.’’ Then she added with a laugh: ‘‘I’m going to bash Kristie. Hopefully, we don’t get too knocked around.’’

The women boxers are part of a larger Fight Club boxing card (five bouts) featuring competitors who have undergone 10 weeks of intense boxing training before making their debut.

Friday night’s card also features three amateur bouts and two professional match-ups.

Details, tickets: 95230222.

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