Election choices a serious business

When it comes to voting, I am astounded by the commentsof many as to who they voted for and why.
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It seems many people take it all just a little toolightly.

They do not research, they do not put any effort into itand they often seem to cast a vote just to avoid the fine.

Many appear to find it easier to just walk in and tickthe ones they know, regardless of historic results.

I’ve heard many people say “Better the devil you knowthan the one you don’t”.

Even if you pick the one you know, aren’t you stillpicking a devil?

It’s a little like choosing the lesser of two evils, youare still choosing evil.

For every considered and carefully considered vote, adonkey vote, or a vote for “the one you know” just cancels out any possiblebenefit.

It is irresponsible to make an easy and comfortable votefor a group because the person on top of the list has been around for a time,so therefore must be good.

Longevity in politics doesn’t always relate to positiveoutcomes and future opportunities for the community.

It often relates to lack of interest in what ishappening, and what should be happening.

We should have high expectations of positive outcomesfrom our elected representatives.

They are there to work for us.

They are there to do good for our community.

They are there to represent us, the community and itsmembers in its entirety.

Four years is a long time to accept the devil you knowand his/her procrastinations, excuses and egotistical attitude when so muchneeds to be done in our city to take it forward.

We need people with vision, and people with passion.

We need people with the ability to accurately gauge ourfuture needs, and to put forward proposals that will ensure our ability as a cityand region to prosper into the future.

We need people who will act on these needs now, especiallyif we are to have a future.

Think about what is going to be good for Dubbo, not thevested interests and egos of various people.

Make your selections with the betterment of Dubbo inmind.

Vote below the line.

Chris Fallon


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