‘Fed up’ pupils greet principal

New role: Terry Vallis during his days at Tempe High.PARENTS hope the new principal of James Cook Boys’ High School, Kogarah, will “get the school back on track”.
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Terry Vallis, a former deputy principal at Tempe High School, accepted the position earlier this year, following the retirement of Stephen Outram in 2011.

Students launched a petition last year after becoming “fed up” with principals “coming and going”.

They said they wanted more leadership stability and called for deputy principal Vicky Manos to take on the role.

Parents also lodged complaints about some teachers acting “unprofessionally” in the classroom.

They said their children were sworn at and suspended for minor incidents.

The Education Department agreed there was a need for improvements to a number of school procedures and promised to improve communication and up-skilling of teaching policy and procedures to enhance the quality of the education.

P&C president Carolyn Day supported the new appointment but said it would take time to see positive changes.

“It is early days yet and he [Mr Vallis] has got a big job to do, but we all support and stand behind him,” Mrs Day said. “Apparently, he did a brilliant job [at Tempe] and I think he was after more of a challenge.

“I hope his agenda is to improve the school. We needed someone permanent. Vicky was our principal of choice because she could get the job done but that didn’t happen.”

She said students had welcomed the new principal.

“It will take a bit longer for them to get used to someone new again and how he operates,” she said. “At this stage, we just want to get a few things back on track and I want him to make inroads as to what’s gone wrong in the past.

“We need to get students on the right side, doing the right thing by teachers and seeing positive outcomes.”

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