Compulsory voting

I NEVER thought I’d see theday when I agree with Derryn Hinch on anything, but I hope his stand onnon-compulsory voting is taken up by others. Compulsory voting was a differentball game back in the days when we didn’t have popularity polls every day ofthe week. Politics wasn’t a blood sport where the contestants’ strengths andweaknesses were continually aired on our television screens and radios. Intoday’s era of constant media scrutiny, politicians need to focus more and moreon image and less on policies to get voter approval. On election day thewinning leader will be the one with the loudest voice or the one who uses greedor fear to attract votes. Maybe our politicians would feel more empowered to liveup to their ideals of integrity and democracy if the only votes werethoughtful, measured, voluntary votes.
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– JANE LEWIS, Pipers Brook.

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