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THERE was a person. On the moon.
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Hard to wrap your mind around, isn’t it? It must have been inconceivable at the time. For a moment, for 10 crackly words, it must have seemed like people could do anything.

Neil Armstrong’s death is one of those that come around every so often and make humanity breathe in sharply and sigh, ‘‘so we’ve lost the person who did that’’.

And with such depth and breadth of reflection, it’s not all going to be quality.

NBC News in the US, for instance, announced the death of ‘‘Astronaut Neil Young, first man to walk on moon’’.

Does 82 constitute a burn-out? He certainly didn’t fade away.

This Topics writer wasn’t alive for the moon landing and, while less wrinkly than those who were, we’re still jealous.

Lake Macquarie mayor Greg Piper told us he was in sixth class at St Joseph’s Primary School in Charlestown when Armstrong touched down.

‘‘Had to walk home sick with stomach cramp, and arrived in time to watch on our old AWA,’’ he said.

‘‘Vale Neil A.’’

Reader Jason Blackford sent us a picture that his late friend Alex McClelland took of Armstrong in 1970.

Mr McClelland, who lived at Blackalls Park, visited Armstrong at his house in El Lago, Texas.

He knocked on the door, explained that he’d come from Australia and out came Neil Armstrong, in jeans and a jumper.

‘‘I said, ‘Is that the leg you put on the moon?’’’ Mr McClelland recalled.

‘‘He looked down at the leg I had seen on TV and said, ‘Yes, that’s the leg, but many thousands of other people helped put that leg there’.’’

Mr McClelland stumped up the courage to ask for a photo of Armstrong next to his van and his boat, and wearing his slouch hat.

He also met Buzz Aldrin. Meeting the first two men on the moon was, his friend tells us, the first thing he often told new people.

Did you see Neil Armstrong take his first steps on the moon in July 1969? What were you doing? Where did you watch it?

GOOD SPORT: Neil Armstrong wearing Alex McClelland’s slouch hat.

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