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Hospital revelation
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After the opening of the new “state of the art” regional hospital in Bega in a few years there is much debate about what then will happen to the Pambula Hospital.

In my childhood I visited many derelict old sites where schools were once placed within walking distance of children’s homes.

Hospitals needed to be closer too.

This was done as a public service. It was great!

However, today with our amazing mobility that has changed.

What government is going to fund two “state of the art” hospitals with our tax dollars so close to each other?

At the “meet the candidates” standing for our new council meeting held at the Tarraganda Hall last week, I had a revelation about keeping Pambula Hospital as a birthing centre.

Giving birth is not a disease.

Hospitals are about emergencies and sickness and do the most wonderful caring service.

But giving birth in large hospitals that specialise in emergencies is not ideal, surrounded by sickness and death.

This is not the best environment for a child to start life.

Modern hospitals are increasingly facing hospital-acquired infection problems and demand pressures.

Pambula, as a small hospital, could convert to create a caring and nurturing environment as a birthing centre.

Being pregnant is not disease but a wonder!

The moment of birth is a special moment in anybody’s life.

A relaxed caring environment in a birth centre at Pambula Hospital could be a positive outcome.

Lee Chittick


Heavy slug

Allan Noble is very lucky if the amount he is paying for this climate change scam is only 50 cents per week (BDN, 17/8).

According to a NSW government publication the cost is approximately 20 per cent of one’s electricity bill.

That is about $6.15 per week on my account.

That covers large and small scale renewable generation, the climate change fund and so on.

That is a very heavy slug for something that is a fantasy, or should I say a nightmare.

That slug will continue to increase as we have only a modest amount of large scale renewable generation at the moment and big plans for 20 per cent renewable generation of power.

As hydro supplies only five per cent, that leaves 15 per cent for these dodgy methods.

As renewable generation, excluding hydro and nuclear, is extremely expensive, inefficient, intermittent and unreliable, they will require backup generators when they produce a significant percentage of our total power.

That also will drive up the price.

In Ontario, Canada, the price for electricity is 7.1 cents per kilowatt hour for the first 1000kWh per month, while we pay 31.29 cents plus GST per kWh – over 4.4 times as much.

It is interesting that a recent article in a major Toronto newspaper stated that Ontario has the second highest electricity price in North America.

Interesting isn’t it?

Is the NSW government using the electricity tariff as a sly tax? I think so!

Utilities should not be abused in this way.

It is also interesting that naive individuals are so easily impressed by the “sky is falling” type of rhetoric that is so pervasive these days.

Of course this scam has followed a series of scientific scares such as: the ban on DDT, extra-terrestrials, acid rain, global cooling, hole in the ozone layer, nuclear winter, Y2K bug and so on.

All have just faded away, in some cases after huge amounts of money were wasted.

I just hope that happens before too much damage is done to our economy.

There are many areas crying out for that money, why waste it on this scam.

John McKerral

Batemans Bay

Climate nonsense

Allan Noble’s letter (BDN, 17/8) is the ad hominem nonsense used by those with slavish belief in catastrophic global warming alarmism – a politically inspired virtual science created by computer models, not observed and verifiable reality.

Why else is the natural world, including the sun, excluded from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) Charter, but to lift its “science” into the realm of politics?

The late Michael Crichton described that realm as “a world of hate and danger, of irrational beliefs and fears, of mass manipulation and disgraceful blots on human history”.

In contrast, he saw that science should hold “different values – international in scope, forging friendships across national boundaries and political systems”, but above all, “encouraging a dispassionate habit of thought, and ultimately leading to fresh knowledge and technology that would benefit mankind”.

This preferred process has been manifestly sullied by Ms Gillard’s insatiable greed, at all costs, for power and control to redistribute our nation’s wealth using “the ‘settled-climate-virtual-science’ foundation to tackle climate change by putting a price on carbon pollution”.

Creating divisions in “a world…of irrational beliefs and fears, of mass manipulation”, the slavish believers unable to doubt the feigned “95 per cent plus certainty consensus” of “thousands of scientists” using their “intra-peer-reviewed” confirmations, even when, factually, the “thousands” are a mere handful, the peer review mantra is bankrupt, and calling carbon dioxide a pollutant is blatantly untrue.

Apocalypse fatigue and good sense is now taking hold – its “sustainability” is my motivation.

Particularly because, the “real truth is, oil and other carbon-based fuels, are merely the affordable means by which we can satisfy our true addictions – long life, good health, prosperity, technological progress, adequate food supplies, internet services, freedom of movement, protection from environmental threats and so on….without energy, life is brutal and short”.

And, “carbon has provided accessible energy that has been indisputably responsible for enhancing security, longevity, and overall welfare of human life,” (Fun with summer statistics. Part 2: The Northern Hemisphere Land, guest post by John Christy, UAHuntsville, Alabama State Climatologist, August 15, 2012 by Roy W Spencer, PhD).

Finally, “2012: Satellites see Greenland ice sheet surface melt. Occurring about once every 150 years on average…the last one in 1889, this event is right on time”, Lora Koenig, a Goddard glaciologist and a member of the research team analysing the satellite data, guest post by David Middleton on August 17, 2012, on WUWT Website”.

Nature at work Mr Noble.

Neville Hughes

Surf Beach

Definition of angry

In the last four years, $65billion has been spent on education by the Commonwealth.

Yet there were 12 very long Howard years for the ALP education shadow ministers to listen to parents and study solutions to those core problems – belatedly and correctly identified by Gonski.

The cost of fixing these critical needs is a mere $5billion, or one-thirteenth of the amount spent by Gillard and Garrett on education so far.

Yet it isn’t promised any time soon.

Some parents have been begging for an overhaul of disability education for more than a decade.

Yet appropriate supports remain out of reach in any setting you care to name.

Want the definition of desperate?

It is a 12 or 14-year-old with additional needs struggling with isolation or bullying due to lack of social supports in the playground and class.

Want the definition of angry?

It is a parent who knows that the local, regional, state and federal education system were aware that this child was coming to the nearest mainstream high school (as per policy) for over a decade – yet still can’t see the appropriate, critical frameworks to support for her beloved, worthy, talented and special needs teen.

Jane Salmon


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