Bielsdown Creek Bridge

It seems to have been a long wait but I amfinally pleased to be able to send my sincere thanks to both the NSW Roads& Maritime Services and Bellingen Shire Council for completing the new twolane concrete bridge over Bielsdown Creek on Coramba Road near Dorrigo.
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With thesealing of most of the approach road last week residents and tourists alike nowhave a much safer road to use when driving to and from Dorrigo along Corambaroad.It is hoped when next Dorrigo experiences heavy rains, (an event that in thepast would often put the old single lane Bielsdown bridge under water) thatthis new concrete bridge will remain open no matter how torrential orcontinuous the rain.

For residents on the Coramba side of the new bridge it is a comfort to knowthat unless we have flooding of biblical proportions we will not again beprevented from accessing town by a floodedbridge.However, one trusts there is not a dark side to the silver lining of our newbridge.

The fear has been expressed to me that with the removal of the oldnarrow road, with its very sharp angled corners near the previous woodenbridge, access for large mining trucks suddenly becomes a breeze.

As a resident of the quiet, beautiful, narrow, winding, Lower Bielsdown Road,where mining exploration for antimony is proceeding, one hopes the constructionof this new bridge has nothing to do with an objective by someone, somewhere,to again mine this small antimony deposit, thus putting the lives of othervehicle inhabitants on the very narrow Lower Bielsdown Road at serious riskfrom head-on smashes with huge, heavy, mining vehicles.It is to be hoped the eastern Dorrigo will remain one of nature’s treasures soall can safely enjoy driving this beautiful area whilst also benefiting fromthe increased safety and comfort our new two lane bridge provides.

Thank you to all concerned.

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