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The big question so many areasking. Who the heck do we vote for?
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We do know Mark Troy will bereturned as mayor followed by his running mate Dave Scott as councillor. Noreflection on Dave but what an absolute scam, that we have a voting system,which in theory could elect someone to office without that person receiving asingle vote. It’s little different to sleeping with another mans wife, enjoyingall the fringe benefits, with no overheads.

A system that fewunderstand, providing an advantage to the few that do via preference swaps etc,is tainted. This grouping system should be abolished, and back to eachcandidate on his merits, one man one vote, first past the post collects themoney, followed by the next down the line.

The green vote this timearound will be spread about. Caroline Joseph’s group of gals will give theGreens Dominic King and his team a run for their money. As a farmer andchain-saw vandal, always a bit nervous of the Greens, but four strong mindedgirls moulded into one frightens the life out of me

But for myself and all thosewith their feet on the ground, and enough grey matter to think past the end oftheir noses, Gordon Manning and his team, Rowley Becket and Gillian Andersonare the stand outs.

I have known Gordon for a numberof years, he in fact, runs a farm just down the road. Believe you me, he doeshave a backbone, and even more surprising for this day and age, can actuallythink for himself. He doesn’t believe in the dream time, and with a rural andfinancial background , understands we must live within our means.

Gordon is perhaps a littleconfrontational, but this won’t go astray. Gordon is the only one speaking outwith a loud voice saying, council must return to the basics, reduce theirinsane expenditure on administration and (bull!!!), become more efficient, andaccountable for the millions that are squandered annually.

Once again I put my neck onthe chopping block. Gordon and his team get my vote and if you really care forthe longer term viability of our beautiful shire, he should get yours as well.

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