Time to take the title – 1000 dives later

FRESH from completing his 1000th skydive, Russell Blackman of Cronulla will contest the Australian Skydiving Championships on Thursday.
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Blackman reached the landmark after just 2½ years of jumping.

“Within the skydiving community it’s a milestone,” said Blackman, 23.

“It means that you’ve reached a level of experience that is respected.”

Blackman averages between 300 and 400 jumps a year and nominated the dive at Picton as his favourite spot.

The psychology researcher at the University of Wollongong has had two instances when he has relied on his back-up parachute after his main parachute failed.

“The first was was incredibly intense and scary,” Blackman said.

“After that, you get on with it, and with the second one there was nothing out of the ordinary; we’re trained to expect it to happen.”

Blackman will form part of an eight person team — Velocita — to compete at the Australian championships in Queensland.

The formation competition will have the group try to create a series of pre-determined formations as many times as possible in 50 seconds.

“We are using our bodies to build shapes or formations,” Blackman said.

The winners will progress to the world championships in Dubai later this year. Last year Blackman was part of a 200-group of skydivers who made a formation in the US.

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