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Hands up: KU Sutherland Preschool pupils try out some of the exercises from the Straighten Up Australia campaign. Pictured are Nicole and Janene with (from bottom left) Mia, Lucas, Tom, and Emma, all 4. Picture: Lisa McMahonPUPILS from Mortdale Public School and KU Sutherland Preschool learned a thing or two about the importance of exercise when chiropractors dropped by for a visit last Thursday.
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Chiropractors Nicole Lawler and Stephanie Le Coz visited the schools as part of the Straighten Up Australia campaign — a project by the Chiropractors Association of Australia NSW.

The campaign has been designed to encourage children to take three minutes each day to complete a variety of exercises targeted at improving posture, stabilising core muscle groups and enhancing overall health.

“Kids are definitely not as active as they used to be,” said Chiropractors Association of Australia NSW president Kerein Earney.

“They’re using iPads at school from as early as year one, and they’re getting into game consoles from an earlier age than ever before.

“This is not only making them more sedentary, but having detrimental effects on their posture and overall wellness.

“We really want to encourage them to get into the habit of exercising from a young age and reinforce that exercise is something they should be doing every day, just like brushing your teeth.”

Dr Earney said the project was about integrating simple exercises into their everyday lives.

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