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IN response to Cr Larry Whipper (Strategy of deceit? SHN 27/8/12).
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There are witnesses willing to attest that Cr Whipper did vote in favour of the truck depot next to Cr Nick Campbell-Jones’ house. A strange decision and not at all consistent with Cr Whipper’s claims of championing the community and the environment.

Yes, it was one of Darren Hogan’s applications – one of the very few Cr Whipper ever voted in favour of – and remembered clearly for that.

Here again, instead of answering my question and explaining his decision, Cr Whipper has chosen to bully me and throw mud.

Why are you so sensitive to questions Cr Whipper? Surely this is part of being a councillor?

Cr Whipper seems to really be struggling with questions and feedback on his role as councillor. He has previously written letters to SHN and now feels it necessary to threaten legal action to a member of the community who has asked for explanation of a decision.

Maybe Cr Whipper should re-consider his candidacy before he is trapped in another four years of being questioned?

Since this truck depot can now be added to the list of Cr Whipper’s decisions that he won’t explain, let’s try some more.

Why did Cr Whipper vote against an application to establish the first Carbon-Neutral farm to be built in Australia in the Southern Highlands? The applicant had won international awards for his previous sustainable developments.

Surely this would have been a great example and inspiration for environmentally sensitive farming practices not only in the Highlands, but also Australia-wide.



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