Eggs a symbol of life at Easter

Karl Faase – Pastor Gymea Baptist ChurchTHIS weekend across Sydney people will give and receive Easter eggs. It’s a special part of our Easter tradition.
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Long before the humble egg was turned into chocolate and used to represent Easter, it had a special place in many cultures.

The Romans, Gauls, Chinese, Egyptians and Persians have all cherished the egg as a symbol of the universe.

Eggs were first given by royalty at Easter as ornate gifts.

These gifts of decorated eggs were given to symbolise the new life that Easter represents.

Just as the new life of a young chick bursts out of the egg, the symbol represents the picture of Jesus emerging from a tomb, both demonstrating and making new life possible for all.

The giving and receiving of Easter eggs is a wonderful tradition and lots of fun, but it has lost some of its deeper significance.

It was always meant to remind us of something deeper.

The Easter egg points to the possibility of a new start and a new life with spiritual depth and experience.

As you give, receive and eat chocolate eggs this Easter make sure they don’t just make a dent in your budget but that they remind you of the lasting difference Easter and Jesus can make.

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