Mayor meets with Greens over lead issues

Mayor Brenton Vanstone recently met withGreens legislative council members Tammy Franks and Mark Parnell to “set therecord straight” on assertions made by the media, key politicians andacademics.
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This comes after NSW-based Professor MarkTaylor published an article online stating that “more than 3000 children hadbeen lead poisoned in Port Pirie in the last decade”.

Mr Vanstone said that the “absoluterubbish” that stated 3000 children had been poisoned in the last 10 years hashad a “far more toxic effect on the economic growth of this city that what leadever has”.

“Some academics state that once a leadlevel of over 10 micrograms per decilitre of blood is reached, that constituteslead poisoning,” he said.

“I disagree with that because no operativesthrough any level of the health centre have seen any medical symptomsassociated with lead poisoning.”

Greens MLC Mark Parnell is calling on theEnvironment Protection Authority to release a copy of the technical report byProfessor Taylor which provided the basis for his claim that 3000 children hadbeen lead poisoned in Port Pirie.

But Mr Parnell was supportive of thesmelter in general and said its importance to the Port Pirie community is“beyond doubt”.

Mr Vanstone said closing the lead smelterwould create greater health ramifications than its continuing existence.

He said a health professional had told himthat lead was a tenth order health priority in comparison to issues such asculture, alcoholism, domestic violence, drugs and poor nutrition.

He said it was important for critics of thesmelter to understand the importance of being a productive society andmaintaining our key economic drivers.

“Wealth means health,” he said.

He said anybody who desires to see theclosure of the smelters would have to realize the huge social and economic voidthey would create.

“If you create a void, you better have asolution to fix it,” he said.

Mr Parnell said he was very pleased to sitdown with the Mayor and talk about the situation in Port Pirie.

But he said the people in the town faced a“wicked dilemma”.

“It shouldn’t be a question of jobs or aclean environment, people should have the right to both,” he said.

“The dilemma is we don’t have all theinformation that we should.”

He said he had been refused access to thereport twice under Freedom of Information.

“The view that I take, is that people havea right to the maximum amount of information,” he said.

“So that’s why we’ve called for ProfessorTaylor’s report to be released.”

Port Pirie Regional Council Mayor Brenton Vanstone recently met with the Greens to discuss local lead issues.

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