Developer added extra floor to units

Work stopped: Kogarah Council will decide whether to accept changes that were not approved to a unit block under construction at Allawah. Picture: Lisa McMahonDEVELOPERS of a unit block that added an extra apartment have applied to Kogarah Council in a bid to win approval.
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The council had originally approved an application for a five-unit building at Elizabeth Street, Allawah, but a sixth unit was added last year.

The council stopped construction at the site after neighbours complained.

Unit developers Armstrong Alliance submitted a development application last month asking permission to finish the extra unit so that it could be inhabited.

The Leader attempted to contact the owners but they did not respond to queries.

Philip Paterson lives near the unit block. He said the saga had been ‘‘quite extraordinary’’.

‘‘It’s a very complicated thing,’’ he said.

‘‘It’s a sixth unit on a building that only had five approved.

‘‘They’re applying to have their illegal unit certified as approved.’’

The council originally approved a two-storey building, but the extra unit saw a third floor added at the back of the complex.

The council took the developer of a property in Taro Street Blakehurst to court last month after extra rooms were added to the basement.

The owner of that building pleaded guilty to development without consent. They now face fines of up to $110,000.

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