Art gets a little divine inspiration from Easter

Creative touch: Caringbah Uniting Church members have helped spread the Easter message through art. Picture: Chris LaneREVEREND Bill Clarke likes to take an artistic approach when it comes to spreading the Easter message, even if he doesn’t credit himself as much of a creative type.
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The minister at Caringbah Uniting Church enlisted the help of his congregation to use their choice of artwork to illustrate a message in the lead-up to Easter.

Reverend Clarke selected the themes – ranging from Jesus in the wilderness to Jesus being crucified — before passing on the artistic path to his members.

‘‘The thing that has thrilled me is that last year I introduced this project and told the congregation to go for their life,’’ Reverend Clarke said.

‘‘They have full control over how they want to portray each message in any form and medium.’’

Members of the congregations have so far created Jesus at the last supper in different timbers, Simon of Cyrene carrying the cross modelled in clay, and Jesus praying in the garden in a watercolour.

One member has even taken a contemporary approach to Jesus in the wilderness.

Part of the artwork depicts Jesus in the Kimberley with a waterfall illustration and another with Jesus standing on the Chambers Pillars in the Northern Territory.

Reverend Clarke said the message for Easter was to forgive everyone who was trying to ruin their life because that’s what Jesus did on the cross.

‘‘No matter how grim the circumstances may seem, God has it under control,’’ he said.

‘‘In the end, God fixes up whatever problems we may have.’’

Caringbah Uniting Church has a service at 9.30am and 7pm on Easter Sunday. Details: 460 Port Hacking Road Caringbah.

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