200 contestants cut a lean figure in bodybuilding championships

THEY had so many contestants for the Australasian Bodybuilding and Figure Championships, they couldn’t fit them all in on time.
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A few women fainted while awaiting the pre-judging at Sutherland Entertainment Centre — dieting and warm weather can be a tough combination — while the helpers applying the dark, medium and light tanning lotions and stage make-up were also tested.

Before the finals session, and after the pre-judging, a large crowd of supporters and spectators had to be vetted, before more than 200 competitors took to the stage for 10 divisions of the men’s and women’s competitions.

Sutherland’s young Matthew Aboud (pictured left) won the junior men’s bodybuilding division, despite a pretty tough field.

While there was some outstanding talent among the male competitors, the toughest competition, no doubt, came in the women’s small and tall bikini divisions, especially the tall section.

Two of the favourites, blond-haired Juliet Cotterill, 23, an International Sports Model winner (pictured, pink costume) and redhead Alex Ciric (No. 43) didn’t make the top three, such was the level of competition.

That division was taken out by Kelsey Hamish, who is pictured in the group final shot (purple costume, No. 53, second from left).

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