Singer finds the right beat

New horizons: Choir singer and now conductor, Rachel Cox. Picture: Chris LaneRACHEL Cox lives for music, so it was only natural she would move on to a bigger challenge. The Engadine music teacher can now add “conductor” to her list of talents.
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Ms Cox, 23, has been a singer for almost a decade, but her next gig is sure to be the most exciting.

She is preparing to lead her first concert at the University of Technology next month.

Ms Cox is a choral conductor with the National Institute of Youth Performing Arts, which is part of the Australian Youth Choir and the Australian Youth Dance Theatre.

After she finished her music and education studies at NSW University, she realised she wanted to share her passion with children.

So, while building her skills in performing arts, she also nurtures the talents of aspiring musicians.

She recently taught at Inaburra School, Bangor.

“I love teaching kids, as they are very open to new sounds,” Ms Cox said. “[It] offers them the opportunity to truly express themselves.”

Ms Cox, a singer, also plays the guitar and the piano but conducting is something she would like to stick with.

“It looks like you’re just waving your arms around, but you are actually keeping a beat and working in a pattern with how you want the music to sound,” she said.

“I was very shy and never thought I could get up in front of a group of people, but I’ve overcome that through my teaching.”

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