Learning to live with cancer

THE Murray Mallee Community HealthService program, Living Well with Cancer,will begin next month.
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The six-week program will start onMonday, September 3 and will be held onMonday afternoons from 2pm until 4pm.

The course is based on a program developedby the Victorian Cancer Council and isdesigned to provide education and supportto people living with cancer, their familiesand friends.

It covers a wide range of topics includingcancer treatments, communication withdoctors and others, personal experiences,dealing with difficult emotions, lifestyle andnutrition issues, self care and communityresources.

The program will also feature talks fromRoyal Adelaide Hospital oncologist NimitSinghal and Cancer Care Centre naturopathBelle McCaleb and will be facilitated bycommmunity nurse Yuri Rupcic and counsellorThomas Dellman.

The course is available to men andwomen with various types of cancer rangingfrom newly diagnosed cancer to recurringcancer.

– Details: For more information or thebook a place call the Murray MalleeCommunity Health Service on 8535 6800.

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