Kogarah Town Centre seats stir passions

Nearly ready: Development of Kogarah Town Square is well underway. Picture: Jane Dyson
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THE renovated Kogarah Town Centre forecourt will include bench seating, much to the displeasure of Kogarah MP Cherie Burton.

A $3 million overhaul of the paved landing to Kogarah railway station will be completed next month, and feature two bench seats.

Ms Burton has helped to plan revisions to what she described as a “nightmare” area, and previously said the project would focus on “cleaning up the forecourt”, often used as a hangout for Kogarah’s nearby methadone clinic’s clients.

Ms Burton told the Leader in July 2010 that “they proposed seating, but [the seating] will come out because I objected”, and in September 2012 reiterated that “we’ve got to deal with the people down there who shouldn’t be down there”, saying: “I really don’t want it to be a place where people are encouraged to hang around”.

A Transport NSW spokesman said plans for the project were exhibited publicly in March 2011 and included the proposed seating arrangements.

Ms Burton said she had secured funding for the project and was not aware that seats had been included in the final design.

“The council has gone behind my back and done that,” she said.

“It’s my project and they’ve gone behind my back. I’m furious.”

Kogarah mayor Nickolas Varvaris said Ms Burton’s opinion was not echoed by all residents.

“At the end of the day, the town centre is the people’s centre,” he said.

“She had her view about how the design for the square should be, [but] the community consultation came up with a different outcome.

“She can’t decide that everyone is to suffer because of a few people who realistically could be relocated to other areas.”

Councillor Varvaris nominated Sutherland Shire as an alternative location for the methadone clinic and its patients.

“Maybe take it back out to Cronulla,” he said. “They can be on that next show, The Shire.”

Should Kogarah Town Centre have seats?

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