Jail for AVO breach

THE husband of former marathon swimmer Susie Maroney will remain in custody until May 23 after he contravened an apprehended violence order Ms Maroney had taken out against him.
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Darren William May, 42, an upholsterer, of Engadine, turned up on Ms Maroney’s doorstep on March 20 asking to see her; three days later he attended Miranda police station where officers said he was remorseful and cried.

May appeared by audio visual link at Sutherland Local Court on Friday where he received two concurrent sentences, meaning he will be released in two months.

Magistrate Glenn Bartley sentenced May to two months in custody for breaching the AVO.

May received a month’s sentence for breaking a 12 months’ good behaviour bond last September, which related to him breaching an AVO by writing a letter to Ms Maroney and having someone else deliver it to her Cronulla home.

Emmanuel Apokis, solicitor for the accused, told the court that his client had been to the hospital to see his newborn son after Ms Maroney had given birth to their child four months ago, and May had not seen the child since then.

May had wanted to avoid a custodial sentence so he could continue to work and provide support for teenage children from a previous relationship, in particular a daughter, 17, who was doing her HSC this year, he said.

The accused man also had an 18-month-old child with Ms Maroney.

The family involvement had included a card sent by May’s sister saying “take care”, Mr Apokis told the court.

His client had seen a therapist who had said May would now adhere to the terms of the AVO.

But Mr Bartley said that an assurance about May not contacting Ms Maroney was more “a triumph of hope over experience”.

He said the prospect of May “having learned a lesson are not good”.

He said that since the late 1980s May had committed 17 offences of dishonesty as well as breaking other AVOs.

Offences had included an assault, aggravated break, enter and steal, and another for stalking/intimidation.

Some offences had involved terms of imprisonment.

Court documents show that May and Ms Maroney had been in a relationship since 2009, marrying the following year and sharing the custody of a daughter, aged 18 months.

Ms Maroney was not present during May’s latest court appearance.

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