Iras has plenty of living to do at 100

Waiting for the next decade: Iras McCormack celebrates a century. Picture: Jane DysonWHEN she turned 90, Iras McCormack’s family put on a party and called it a rehearsal for her 100th birthday.
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Now they are counting in five-year lots, given that Mrs McCormack has made it to a century.

But they have no doubt that her 100th was a rehearsal for her 105th.

Mrs McCormack appears a picture of health, although it was an illness a few months back that caused her to move to Banks Lodge at Peakhurst.

She is so well, in fact, that she helps out at meal times by cutting up less able residents’ food.

Although she spent her early childhood in Glebe, Mrs McCormack has lived in Beverly Hills for the past 75 years and has been a keen Leader reader since the newspaper started.

“I can’t see the fine print now so I just read the headlines,” she said.

Mrs McCormack, a mother of five, was born the year the Titanic sank.

By 13 she was working for Grace Brothers in various capacities including doing manicures for ladies of the day.

She remembers the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1932 and the fact that she was sent to do Mrs de Groot’s nails for the occasion.

Mrs de Groot was the wife of Captain Francis de Groot who upstaged premier Jack Lang by beating him to the ribbon cutting by using his ceremonial sword.

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