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Over the past couple of weeks,police in the Wimmera have responded to a wide range of incidents.
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Below, I have provided some examplesof what we have been responding to over the last two weeks; however this isonly a very small sample of what we do and I think highlights the amazingdiversity of our job.

This is the reason why I and mostother police love the job that we do, no two days are the same. Policing israrely easy, and often very challenging, but I could not see myself doing anythingelse other than this.

Police from Horsham and Hopetountook out a search warrant in Hopetoun last week, after receiving someinformation about a possible marijuana crop.A large amount of plants wereseized from inside the house and we are continuing our enquiries into thismatter.

Police from Horsham and Melbourneconducted a road safety operation with the Sheriffs Office in Horsham lastweek, using the Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology.

Nearly 4000 vehicles were checkedfor the following results: one drug driver; over $120,000 worth of unpaid finesrecovered; 34 drivers licenses suspended because of unpaid fines; 12unregistered vehicles off the road; three unlicensed drivers off the road and afew other miscellaneous offences.

Halls Gap and Stawell policesearched for and found a missing person in the Grampians National Park. This isa regular occurrence for police from Halls Gap – I reckon they must know everytrack in the Grampians.

Ararat and Stawell members attendeda road accident on the Western Highway where a car has hit a large deer,causing injuries to the occupants of the vehicle. We regularly go to collisionson the road, but this one was certainly a bit different.

Police in St Arnaud, supported bydetectives from Ararat, interviewed a couple of people over a series of theftsin that town. It only takes one or two people to commit a few crimes in thesesmaller towns to put the community at unease, so we are always very happy whenwe can detect the offenders and put them before the courts.

Kaniva police interviewed a man whois alleged to have intimidated and verbally abused other residents of thattown. His aggressive actions have resulted in him being interviewed forunlawful assault, and he will now face a Magistrate to explain his actions.

Horsham Highway Patrol pulled up acar on the Western Highway and found the driver affected by drugs after doing adrug test. The resulting search of the vehicle located a quantity ofamphetamines, ecstasy and a quantity of cash. The driver will face court in thefuture.

Most of these incidents listed aboveinvolved community support to get where we are at. We rely on your ongoingassistance to make the Wimmera a better place to live and work.

This is just the tip of the icebergin relation to what we have been busy with over the last few weeks – you canadd many other types of calls for attendance to the list.

I love what I do for a job and ifyou think policing is something that would also appeal to you, and you areprepared to work pretty hard, why not consider it as a career.

I will detail some more information on how to join thepolice force in my next article, but if you can’t wait, come and see us and wecan guide you on how to go about it.

Inspector Brad Dixon.

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