Dawn and dusk to shift an hour

Brighter days: This picture of a sunrise at Wanda is an example of why early risers will be glad daylight saving is “finally” over.Picture: John VeageTHERE will be an extra hour of sleep, brighter mornings for early risers but darkness for commuters after work when the clocks are wound back this weekend.
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Daylight saving ends in NSW on Sunday at 3am when clocks will be put back one hour.

A referendum in 1976 resulted in daylight saving being adopted on a permanent basis.

It still generates much debate between those in favour and against, but one thing Fire and Rescue NSW want us to agree on is the value of changing smoke alarm batteries when we adjust the clocks.

Sutherland fire station handed out 1000 9-volt batteries to seniors who attended a Sutherland Shire Council concert at Sutherland Entertainment Centre last Thursday.

Firefighter Billy King, a station officer with more than 50 years’ experience, and said it was vital for older or less mobile residents to have a working smoke alarm.

“In 2011, 80 per cent of all fatalities in the fires that we attended were aged 60 years and over,” Mr King said.

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